Why You Should Give Your Food Away - Just This Once

Most restaurant owners consider giving away food to be more painful than pulling teeth.  In the 15 years I've been a strategic marketing consultant, I've heard all the reasons restaurant owners think giving away food is a bad idea.  "It lowers my profit," they say.  "It demans the quality of my product."  "It attracts the wrong kind of customer."  "I just work harder for the same amount of money."  All of these reasons are valid.  But there is an exception to every rule.  

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REALTOR Magazine Profiles

From Your Friends Relationship Marketing

We're proud to have been profiled in REALTOR Magazine by contributing editor Melissa Dittman Tracey.  Tracey says, "If you want prospects to remember you and think of you more fondly, give them a gift.  Research shows it works. "

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Chad Rueffert Interviewed by Business 2 Community about The Future of Marketing for 2012...

By Brian Rice

Last week I explored "The Future of Social Media' and based on the positive feedback I decided to look into the crystal ball one more time and see what the future has in store for marketing.  I beleive the 2012 will be the year that marketers focus less on push marketing and invest more in inbound marketing camapiagns.  Because one opinion is never enough, below are predictions on the future of marketing from 46 experts...

#30 Chad Rueffert, President of Braintree Marketing, Inc.

"Over the next few years, the practice of “risk-reversal” will be more prevalent among small and mid-sized business. Consumers with less disposable income will need incentives, discounts and guarantees in order to try something new, change brand loyalty, or choose between entertainment options. Removing the risk of paying for a bad experience or a product that doesn’t fulfill promises with an initial free offering will attract new customers. And while it may mean a higher initial customer acquisition cost, when combined with a customer loyalty and long-term relationship marketing strategy it can mean new, lifetime customers."

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Chad Rueffert Interviewed by PMQ Pizza Magazine about Generating Free Publicity for Restaurants...

"Free publicity isn't limited to a story in the local paper or a positive post on a restaurant blog. Anyone who actively endorses your product and recommends your restaurant is a traffic and revenue generator. Finding active community networkers who are not just willing, but enthusiastic about sharing their love of your restaurants with their sphere of influence can build a grassroots base of ongoing referrals. 

Our company connects restaurants across the country with local real estate agents to create co-promotions, because real estate agents are some of the most vocal proponents of local businesses and some of the most knowledgeable neighborhood experts. Restaurants provide the real estate agents with exclusive discounts or offers to provide their past customers and sphere of influence, and in exchange the real estate agents are motivated to market for and endorse the restaurant.  

If hundreds or thousands of energetic networkers are talking about your restaurant to local homeowners and families looking to relocate into the neighborhood, you have a wealth of permission-based marketing to generate free word-of-mouth."

Note - This is the complete text as supplied to the publication.  An abbreviated version of the information was printed in the November 2011 edition.



From Your Friends profiled in USPS Deliver Magazine

By Polly S. Trainer

 Add a Personal Touch to Your Direct Mail Campaign

 In this day of e-mail overload, receiving a letter that isn’t a bill or junk mail can be a real treat at the end of a long day.  Marketers are figuring out that in many cases, personalizing their direct mail pieces can result in greater response rates and increased sales.  Here are some creative ways to use personalization in your campaigns.

4. Use technology to streamline efforts

Real estate companies depend heavily on referrals and 1-to-1 marketing, so everything has to be personalized. “We wanted to create a product that had all the benefits of self-created direct mail pieces without the time and cost,” says Chad Rueffert, president of From Your Friends, a Colorado Springs–based marketing firm focused on the real estate industry.

The firm partners with local restaurants and attractions to create a monthly postcard featuring a discount offer at the venue. The real estate salesperson then uses an online design tool, provided by From Your Friends, to personalize the postcard by adding their photo, contact info, personal notes, a scanned signature, new listings, or detail on the local real estate market. Clients have shared that the program has increased sales, and that customers often call agents to thank them for the postcards and to offer new names for the mailing list, Rueffert says. Many of his real estate clients close three or four deals every year because of the program, he says.

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Direct Mail is The Consumer's Preferred Method of Marketing

Marketing firm Epsilon Targeting does a survey called the Consumer Channel Preference Study.  The study of thousands of consumers looks at the ways they prefer to receive marketng messages about new products.

Once again, direct mail has shown itself to be the preferred method.  Overall, consumers found it more trustworthy, more convenient, and less intrusive than digital or social forms of marketing.  Here are a few interesting statistics from the study...

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Why Direct Mail Works in the Social Media Age

Traditional advertising, relationship marketing, social media, direct sales, networking...no matter what marketing vehicle you are using the odds are your target audience is actively trying to avoid your message.  But there are things you can do to ensure your message gets the attention it deserves.

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Direct Mail Results Outshine Other Options

In the era of instantaneous, nearly free electronic messages, why would anyone still use direct mail to communicate with their customers and prospects?  Direct mail may be more time consuming and expensive than e-mail and social media, but it also provides a much higher return on investment.  

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From Your Friends named to 2014 Top 250 Colorado Private Companies by ColoradoBiz Magazine

Colorado Biz Magazine highlights 250 private companies each year that have experienced impressive growth thanks to innovation, emerging markets, focused leadership and good old-fashioned hard work.  From Your Friends / Braintree Marketing is proud to be a part of that prestigious group!