"Even more redemptions this year than last year!  I love the ease of the programs and the quantity of people who come to the park."

~Cindy Hann, Elitch Gardens

 “Hundreds of new skiers every time we participate, and we're definitely interested in a long-term partnership.” 

- Cara Freeman, Monarch Mountain

"From Your Friends has brought in lots of new customers for us.  We would like to partner again as soon as we can!"

~Susan Collyar, Comedy Works

“We’ve greatly enjoyed participating in the From Your Friends program.  The artwork you designed certainly stands out in a sea of ordinary postcards.”

~Denver Philharmonic

“The program is excellent and I have no suggestions for improvement. We see over a dozen new customers each day at each location. Can I sign up for next year right now?"

~Mike Marquez, The Summit

"I like that you allowed us to time it to the slow part of our season.  The execution went well and we received hundreds of new skiers."

~John Sellers, Loveland Ski Area

"We are both excited and thankful for this promotion. The response has been wonderuful."

~Jeff Teliha, Fresno Art Museum

"Denver Aquarium was very happy with the turnout from their postcard.  We would like to run the promotion with you again soon.  Thank you!”

~Heather Wilson, Landry’s Restaurants

"We sold thousands of tickets.  The program runs smoothly and really needs no improvements. Definitely ready to participate again next year.

~Joni Delp, Valleyfair

"What do I like about the program?  It's easy and it's free. Of course I'm ready to partner again."

~Katie Anderson, Fun-Plex

"This is a very effective way for us to reach people in Louisville looking for things to do and to explore the city. We’d love to do this every year!"

~Sarah Nordman, Louisville Bats

"We are very excited about the returns we've been getting. Over $10,000 in revenues per store, and the average tick was higher for those using the promotion. A very positive and excellent partnership."

~Laura Hammond, Al's Garden Center

"We're super excited.  Hundreds of tickets sold already."

~Karen Norton, Mt. Hood Skibowl

"From Your Friends was very easy to work with and the people who redeemed the postcard were very cooperative.  I was apprehensive at first because of my experience with Groupon, but was very pleasantly surprised and would love to do it again."

~ G. Stephen Fister, Bi-Water Farm

"We were very pleased with the results on our end of the campaign, I hope the Realtors saw success as well. I love the concept and execution of a campaign that brings together local businesses with local agents."

~ Anne Thies, Thies Farm & Greenhouse