"The promotion was a TOTAL success. We received so many first timer guests and some of them kept coming back. We got people from other areas of town that didn't even know we existed."

~Luis Loya, Naked Fins

"I just received feedback from all three GM's and they said this has been one of the most successful direct mail promotions we have ever done.  They are more than excited about the redemption rates they are seeing."

~Cameron Woodruff, 4 Entertainment Group

"We have had a plethora of first-time guests, which was our goal.  An overall success."

~Blake Lucio, Palomino Restaurants

"This program always redeems so strongly for us. I strongly endorse it even though I really don't want our competitors to hear about this great opportunity."

~Leann Chin

 “The response we’ve had from the From Your Friends marketing program has been incredible!  Great results.  Good Value.  High Integrity.” 

- Trocadero Restaurant Group

"We enjoyed working with you and your responsiveness is always so great.  We would definitely be interested in doing this again."

~Pam, The Bundt Shoppe

“Of course we want to participate again, we think this program is great!”

~Derby Dinner Playhouse

“We almost never discount our food, but all four of our restaurants have participated in the From Your Friends program with great success each time.”

~Luke Travins, Concept Restaurants

"We've been getting excellent traction from this promotion - we're thrilled!"

~Olivia Moffett, Bonanno Concepts

"The promotion improved sales by bringing new guests in the door.  There were many that came in the first time to use the discount and then we would see them again the next weekend. Even better, they would bring more new people with them."

~Jamie Leahy, Salsa Brava

“It works!  No cost to us and people spend more.  We beat last year's monthly sales by a lot and I contribute a big portion of it to this program.”

~Chris Kline, The Pour House

"We are in a very competitive marketplace in a head-to-head competition with the city's other chili brand.  Our research indicates that people new to the city prefer the taste of our product. Therefore, From Your Friends mailings help to deliver our best new customers."

~Charlie Howard, Gold Star Chili

"We just got the ROI back from the co-promotion and the stats were really great!  I’d say it was very successful.  We’re looking forward to promoting our two new restaurant concepts with you."

~Valerie Gaddis-Arellano, Concept Restaurants

"We received hundreds of new customers and loved how much it helped bring new people in the door!”

~Rainbow Restaurant

"We have seen a great return and many compliments on the piece itself.  We are thrilled we were able to participate in this promotion."

~Marcella Henson, J. Bookwalter

"I really liked the look of the postcard.  The artwork was very nice and went well with our style of business."


"Thank you for thinking of us for this promotion.  It's an honor to be associated with these top Realtors."

~Barry Brown, Mama Mia Trattoria

"307 postcards redeemed at our south location and 390 at the north, with a week still to go.  I'd say from our perspective it has been a VERY good response!"

~Jason Robson, Tokyo Joe's

"The caliber of guest was really in line with our concept - they were enthusiastic and spent money! We tracked hundreds of redemptions and are definitely excited to participate again soon."

~Samantha Monterosso, Marco's Coal Fired Pizza

"These postcards were a hit and we saw a lot of them. We really enjoyed being a partner and would love to participate again."

~ Stephanie Miller, Rio City Cafe

"I like that little time was needed on our part - you took care of everything. From Your Friends targets a segment that is perfect for coffee shops.  We've seen 230 new customers from the postcard and the number is going up."

~ Chuck Slaughter, Heine Brothers


"I liked the fact that it introduced people who may be new to the area as well as others who are long-term residents. I would really like to participate again. We did very well on the amount of postcards brought in."

~Mark Bibby, Gavino's Pizzeria

"Offers are difficult for us given our luxury product with high costs and little mark up.  Some customers were only looking for the minimum price, but most spent more and we found new customers. We got good numbers up to the last day of the promotion.  I compliment you on your excellent communication and service with every attention to detail."

~MJ Rogers, Clawdaddy's

"We received a great amount of postcards.  You did a great job bringing us new customers and we'd love to participate again."

~Rebeca Lopez, Copal

"The redemption was far more than any other program we have done like this in the past. Further, the clientele that came had much in common with our regular customer base.  We will definitely be doing this again."

~John Warble, 66 Diner

"Even in our small town, there are 2-3 redemptions per day and the people coming in are spending well.  WE couldn't be happier with the additional exposure this has given us. When can we sign up our other restaurant brand?"

~Tyler Christensen, SoSoBa

"Our 4th co-promotion in 6 years.  Very good redemption.  Love the clientele we are seeing."

~Terry Carolan, Spaghetti Works

"Between our 4 restaurants we saw 767 redemptions.  Management, crew and I were very pleased with the campaign and the folks that came in were great. Thank you for sharing this opportunity with us."

~Chasity Sorenson, Craft & Crew

"We are still counting up the redemptions!  We loved it and the turnout was great. We'll be opening a second location and would love to participate again."

~Amy Ly Tran, The Cajun Asian

"We LOVE the postcards and are getting so much return from them.  Just wanted to thank you again.

~Abby Burke, Johnny Luke's