Most companies work hard to build a reputation for quality and value.  They want their customers to know that whatever price they charge, it will offer a value and experience that is worth every penny.

Which is why many marketing gurus teach you NOT do discount your products or services.  They say it only teaches the consumer that your product was over-priced to being with.

It's a valid point.  If you are always having a sale, no one will ever want to buy at full price. 

But From Your Friends is different. Our program offers you the opportunity to benefit from the additional traffic a discount offer will provide, without the damaging perception that discounts bring.

The reason is that the offer on our postcard comes AS A GIFT FROM THEIR FRIEND IN THE REAL ESTATE BUSINESS.  The free offer or discount is a thank you from their real estate advisor rather than a promotion direct from the featured partner.  Our postcards are viewed more as a gift certificate than a coupon, and we work hard to achieve that perception.

This allows restaurants, attractions and merchants who would normally avoid discounting to do so in a way that drives traffic without damaging reputation.