If you've ever used or considered using a "Deal A Day" Internet site like Groupon or Living Social to promote your restaurant then From Your Friends is a no-brainer, because it is a MUCH better deal. 

  • It's Profitable
    Unlike those online promotions, there are no risks and no hard costs. Instead of offering a discount AND having to share 50% of the revenue on the income, you keep 100% of the income.
  • It's a Better Audience
    Our postcard recipients are generally affluent homeowners referred to you by their real estate professional. They are NOT bargain hunters just looking for the latest deal.
  • It's a Better Format
    You are marketed to consumers with a beautiful, oversized, custom-designed postcard that arrives in their mailbox instead of just one of many emails in their inbox. 
  • It's a Limited Time Offer
    Instead of honoring a discount over many months, our promotions are limited to 60 days, providing an incentive to visit and a quicker turnaround of prospects into long-term, repeat customers.