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From Your Friends Relationship Marketing partners your restaurant, entertainment venue or store with local real estate professionals to create direct mail co-promotions designed to drive high-quality, loyal customers through your doors at no cost to you!

Join 1000's of businesses just like yours who have built their business with From Your Friends.
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How It Works
Real estate professionals have ongoing relationships with thousands of homeowners and like to stay in constant contact to generate repeat business and referrals. Your restaurant, entertainment venue or store can be a part of their relationship marketing by providing an exclusive free offer or discount to their past customers and sphere of influence.
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Why It Works wrapperWhy It WorksPostcard example2
Why It Works
First of all, it really is free.  But there are tons of other reasons why From Your Friends postcards are one of the best ways to promote your restaurant, store or attraction and drive quality traffic through your doors.
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Success Stories
Since 2002, From Your Friends has worked with thousands of local and national restaurants, venues and merchants, providing more than $30 million in free direct mail marketing for our featured postcard partners.
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Success Stories
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