We've provided our partners with over $30 million in free direct mail advertising.

Hands Postcard 2

You’re In Good Company.

Since 2002, we've partnered with thousands of outstanding local and national businesses.  Nearly 100% of restaurants and attractions who participate in the From Your Friends program ask to participate again year after year.  Why not, it's free!


“We’ve made $25,000 on the promotion after the discounts and we still have a week left.”


“We received dozens of redemptions in each store and would love to do it again!”

downtown aqua rium

“We were very happy with the turnout from the postcard.  We would like to run the promotion with you again soon.

Texas land & cattle

“This has been a great success for us! The risk is low and results exciting.  When can we do this again?”

Elitch Gardens - Theme & Water Park

"Even more redemptions this year than last year! I love the ease of the programs and the quantity of people who come to the park.

kona grill

“We love these promotions and are ready to do them again as soon as possible.  We super appreciate your partnership.”

Qdoba mexican eats

“We’re happy we created this partnership and would love to offer it to more franchisees in the future.”

Chart House

“The response has been very positive and we've already had guests come back again. Great promotion in my opinion.”


“A very professional and forthright team. These postcards reached a new demographic we hadn’t reached before.”

Eddie Merlots

“We are capturing new guests, sometimes just as they move into our neighborhoods.  This has been a win/win for everyone.”

tokyo joe's

“Hundreds of postcards redeemed at all locations. I’d say from our perspective it has been a VERY good response.”

On the border - Mexican Grill & cantina

“The promotion has done very well. On average we are seeing 10-15 postcards a day with new faces of all demographics.”

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Trusted by both national brands and local favorites.

Xpress carwash - american prideBroadview - florist & greenhouseBUTCHERS MARKETCAMP BOW WOWEARL MAYGhirardelliKilwinsPRO FLOWERSQUICK QUACK CAR WASHREAL DEALSTattered cover - book store Rocket fizz - soda pop & candy shopsVALVOLINERENAISSANCESAVORY SPICE

Trusted by both national brands and local favorites.


Trusted by both national brands and local favorites.

Ben&Jerry'sCinnaHolic Gourmet Cinnamon RollsCold Stone CreameryDQDUCK DONUTSGraeter'sGreat Harvest Bakery cafeHeine BrothersJambaMENCHIESNothing bundt cakesRush BowlsORANGE LEAFSmall CakesSMOOTHIE KING

Trusted by both national brands and local favorites.

Axels steak fish cocktailsBonefish GrillChart HouseEddie Merlots - prime aged beef and seaffodFleming'sPalm - restaurantFogo de chão - Brazilian steakhousePaul Martin's - american grillRuth's chris steak houseSilver FoxSullivan's SteakhouseTed's - montana grillTexas de Brazil - churrascaria steakhouseThe melting pot - fondue restaurant

Trusted by both national brands and local favorites.

Baja FreshChick FILL A The Flavor of cincinnatiFirehouse subs - founded by firemenCorner bakeryLeeann chin - Asian RedefinedMad Greens - eat betterNoodles CompanyPantera BreadPapa johnsPapa murphy's - take 'n' bake pizzaQdoba mexican EATSSchlotzsky's - bakery cafeTokyo Joe'sWhich wich - superior sandwiches

Trusted by both national brands and local favorites.

Adventure LandingAlamo Drafthouse cinemaBrunswick ZoneBush Gardens - WilliamsburgRenaissance Festival - ColoradoValleyfair Sock cityElitch gardensOaks ParkHawaiian falls - waterparksFun-Plex - Waterpark & RidesRoca Berry FarmPainting With A twistSanta's magical kingdomSix Flags - discovery kingdomdave & buster's

Trusted by both national brands and local favorites.

Colorado BalletDallas arboretum - Autumn at the arboretumDallas museum of artBaja FreshDenver Philharmonic OrchestraPacific science centerSacramento BalletOMSIPort of subsMilwaukee art museumdickey barbecueSeattle children's theatreSaint louis science centerTheatre worksIdaho Botanical Garden

Trusted by both national brands and local favorites.


Trusted by both national brands and local favorites.


Trusted by both national brands and local favorites.