No Risk, All Reward.

When something is free, it really does remove all the risks! But From Your Friends is more than just a free way to promote your company. It's designed to drive high-quality, loyal customers through your doors with a top-notch, brand building co-promotion that generates a profit.

Partner with trusted brands to elevate yours

When you participate in a From Your Friends co-promotion, you are aligning yourself with recognized, trusted brands like RE/MAX, Coldwell Banker, Berkshire Hathaway and other top, local real estate brokerages and real estate related businesses.

These companies have spent decades and millions of dollars building positive brand awareness.  When you receive the endorsement of these companies, and the agent who sends the postcard, your brand image is immediately elevated by association.

We’ve removed all of the risk by making it free!

There is no cost to our featured partners other than the offer you provide. The participating real estate agents pay for graphic design, printing and postage. That means our featured partners get an immediate return on investment, BECAUSE THERE IS NO INVESTMENT!

Since From Your Friends marketing has no cost, there is also no risk.  If no one responds (don't worry, they will) it costs you nothing!  And for everyone who does respond, their minimum purchase requirements, additional guests and repeat business ensure a profitable experience, more than offsetting the discount you provide.

90% of all consumers use discounts and promos

Over 90% of all households report that they used a discount, promotion code or coupon in the last 12 months.

And this is true of consumers at all income levels and age groups. Over 86% of households with incomes over $200,000 report regular coupon or discount usage. Over 90% of millenials indicate they regularly make use of discount offers.

Plus, discounts don't have to affect your bottom line. Nearly 40% of consumers report that they ended up spending more than they planned to because they were offered a discount.

High impact brand building

From Your Friends is unique in that unlike a coupon book, online or social promotion, you have a true opportunity to portray your brand image to consumers through custom designed, high-quality, full color marketing pieces.  Our MARCOM, ADDY & MAME award-winning creative design and copy writing team creates a beautiful postcard that will help persuade recipients of the quality and enjoyability of your company and product.

You'll be proud of the marketing piece that hits homes and even the recipients who do not take advantage of the limited time offer will be exposed to your impactful, brand-building marketing message.

Discounts don’t have to damage your brand

Most companies work hard to build a reputation for quality and value. They want their customers to know that whatever price they charge, it will offer a value and experience that is worth every penny. Which is why many marketing gurus teach you NOT do discount your products or services.

But From Your Friends is different. Our program offers you the opportunity to benefit from the additional traffic a discount offer will provide, without the damaging perception that discounts bring. The reason is that the offer on our postcard comes as a gift from their friend in the real estate business. The free offer or discount is a thank you from their real estate advisor rather than a promotion direct from the featured partner.