We Do The Work.
They Pay The Bill.
You Get The Customers.

Receive a valuable endorsement from a trusted advisor, and thousands of dollars in brand‐building, traffic driving direct mail—at no cost to you! All you do is provide a limited‐ time free or discounted offer and then watch the customers come rolling in!

How to become a postcard partner and receive thousands of dollars of free direct mail.


Work with our marketing specialists to determine what type of offer will motivate consumers to visit and encourage real estate professionals to send your offer to their sphere of influence.


Decide the dates you want the offer to be delivered to homes and available for redemption.


Sign a Participation Agreement to reserve your spot.


Our award-winning creative team will work with your supplied logos, photos and copy to create a beautiful direct mail piece for your input and approval.  Or, we can work with your graphic designers or advertising agency to create the artwork.


Our real estate subscribers provide their databases and pay to print and mail thousands of co-branded postcards directly into local homes at no cost to you!

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